Mother’s Boy by Patrick Gale- Our Review


Our Review…

Depicting a deeply loving family over two world wars, this superb novel beautifully encapsulates a challenging period in time 1914-1948 – not so long ago, a time that saw incomprehensive damage inflicted by two world wars and a period where societies rules could often break a person.

Drawn upon the real life of Cornish poet Charles Causeley, his mother Laura – a servant in a wealthy household, falls head over heels in love with Charles (the elder). Marrying, their devotion is deep, but when Charles returns, he is a damaged man. Laura is left to navigate the world being a single mother of limited means.

This novel though is really about love. The pure love and complicated devotional bonds between a mother and son, and also the anguished love you can have for someone who is forbidden to you.

The backdrop of Cornwall with its traditions and natural beauty adds a further layer to this insight into a remarkable family in a navigating in a difficult time in history. A homage to both Charles Causley and his mother Laura, Mother’s Boy is peppered with pieces of Causley’s poetry. It will have you seeking more work of both Charles Causley and Patrick Gale. A beautiful read.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

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