Mr Romanov’s Garden in the Sky by Robert Newton


Our Review…
Set in the heart of Melbourne, in one of the tenement buildings in Fitzroy, this story is about inner strength, resilience, courage and the determination to see the positive side of life. Lexie lives in a flat with her mother and life is rough and tough.Lexie is thirteen and basically looks after herself and also most of the time, her mother too. After witnessing a disturbing event, Lexie befriends a man everyone calls “The Creeper” and with her friend Davey, they start construction of a rooftop garden. During the planting of Mr Romanov’s garden, an idea is born and they then begin a road trip which turns into a heartfelt journey of discovery.
This is a beautiful story about self discovery, friendship and hope.

Ages 12-15
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books