My Father the Whale by Gina Perry – Our Review


Our Review…

My Father the Whale by Gina Perry is a tender, thoughtful and sensitive read about a young girl just trying to find her way in the world.

Nine-year-old Ruby and her charming free-spirited Dad, Mitch are road tripping the country… indefinitely. It’s just the two of them and their beat out Kombi van, and while Ruby often wishes she knew her Mum, who died when she was just a baby, talking about her with Mitch is simply not allowed.

When their home on wheels breaks down, the pair are forced to stay a little longer in a coastal town and Ruby can’t help but feel draw to the town and its people in a way she never has previously. But Mitch is determined to keep moving on and Ruby can’t bare to leave the only place she’s ever felt a sense of home within.

Heartbreakingly and with much distress, the two separate and the rift between them remains fraught for many years to come.

A beautiful, sweeping story that shifts between timelines to create an atmospheric read. This is an emotional and vulnerable portrayal of brokenness, love, and loyalty. Incredibly powerful writing that will certainly pull on the heart strings.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books