Nightcrawling by Leila Mottley – Our Review


Our Review…

Written by a true poet, this debut novel by Leila Mottley is raw, visceral & unshakeable.

Seventeen year old Kiara is unemployed, trying to make ends meet for her older brother and their nine year old neighbour who has been left to fend for himself. Her mother is absent, father is dead and her brother’s convinced he doesn’t need a job because he’s going to make it big in the music world, but that won’t pay the rent now. It all falls on Kiara, and not knowing how else to keep them afloat she turns to walking the streets at night. When a couple of cops pick her up late one night she is taken deep into their ugly, corrupt world.

Leila Mottley gives a voice to countless unheard women who turn to the streets as a last resort, who are looking for a kind of freedom, yet find themselves more trapped than before. Girls and women who are subject to the most horrendous forms of exploitation and abuse, by the very people who are meant to be keeping them safe.

‘Nightcrawling’ is based on a collection of true stories about life at the intersection of racial, gender and economic disadvantage in Oakland, United States.

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books