Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo- Our Review


Our Review:
Darkly Compelling…
“There were always excuses for why girls died.”

Alex Stern can see dead people. She has also just been thrown a lifeline. With a decade of harrowing teen years behind her and the recent survivor of a harrowing murder attempt, she is unexpectedly offered a second chance – the opportunity to attend Yale university, to be a normal person, to have a life, to build a future.

But there’s quite the catch to the offer- she’s been tasked with monitoring the secret occult practices of Yale’s nine premier Ivy League societies. But as Alex is more than a little bit troubled herself, with the kind of train-wreck attitude that normally lands you in a prison cell or a grave – she finds she’s seriously out of her depth in the glittering two-faced world of immense money and privilege.

Leigh Bardugo is the master of at building complex broken characters and worlds with hidden gateways and the promise of danger.

Dark and compelling in a murderous kind of way, this is also a book for our times, the central character of Alex is deeply feminist, a survivor of trauma and abuse. Recommended for ages 16 plus to adult. (Trigger warning – PTSD, drug references /sexual abuse).
• “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” – Joseph Heller

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books