No Hard Feelings by Genevieve Novak – Our Review


Our Review…

An awkward, funny and heartwarming read about Penny, the dissatisfied, self-sabotaging protagonist from Melbourne. Penny is navigating life, love and work in her mid-late twenties, riddled with self-doubt and anxiety. She feels like she should have achieved more in her life and is in a constant cycle of comparing herself to her friends who all seem to be kicking goals where she isn’t – promotions, getting married, being happy etc.

It’s nice reading something set in Melbourne, where the streets and cafe’s are recognizable, and it’s comforting reading a character who’s real and relatable. I’m sure we have all been Penny at some stage in our life, and we probably all know a Penny too. She embodies the highs and lows of many millennials approaching their thirties today and the more you read the more you want to cheer her on. As she slowly learns to love herself, she opens herself to more opportunities and we see her blossom. An easy, enjoyable, albeit predictable read that is perfect for curling up with a cup of tea.

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books