None of This is True by Lisa Jewell – Our Review


Our Review…

Author of more than twenty novels, Lisa Jewell is a master of enthralling and addictive crime thrillers.


Successful podcaster Alix Summer is hunting for new content ideas when a chance encounter presents her with the mysterious and persuasive Josie Fair, who promises her an unforgettable story to tell. The more Alix learns from Josie the more startling and strange things appear, leaving Alix struggling to decipher what is really true and in more danger than she could have expected.


Interspersed with passages that describe a Netflix crime documentary made after and about the events that have yet to unfold in Alix and Josie’s story. As interviewees reflect back on the stocking events, you can’t resist being utterly compelled to keep reading and find what happened for yourself.

A winning combination of fantastic characters, unexpected twists and creates a dark suspenseful and fast paced novel that’s hard to put down!

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books