Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here by Heather Rose – Our Review


Our Review…

Heather Rose is one of my favourite authors, her books ‘The Museum of Modern Love’ and Bruny were both stand out reads for me and I was intrigued to read this latest release, ‘Nothing Bad ever Happens Here’, a non-fiction book about Heather’s personal life.

Heather grew up in Tasmania, and has always been drawn to nature, finding a deep sense of identity and solace amongst the trees. On the cusp of adolescence tragedy strikes her family and community with the devastating death of Heather’s brother and grandfather on the river.

The grief runs throughout the family and Heather would come to understand, everyone processes their pain in a different way. From this time on Heather sets out to understand herself, her environment and those around her. Pushing far beyond the boundaries of common acceptance, Heather becomes a person that voyages to the depths to know and understand more.

Sharing her journey through motherhood, travelling overseas, her exploration of spirituality, intimate relationships, and life as an author.

So graciously and vulnerably detailing the many different experiences in her life, Heather has not only an extraordinary story to tell, but she truly is also, an awe-inspiring writer making her memoir a powerful and breathtaking read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books