O by Steven Carroll – Our Review


Our Review…

Australian author, Steven Carroll has created a story that is layered beautifully as it tells the imagined story behind the historic and iconic The Story of O. Spanning through from the early 1940s to 1998, ‘O’ is told through the eyes of Dominique a bold and brave woman who begins a scandalous affair with a married lover, a prestigious publisher.

By way of background… The Story of O was an erotic novel published in 1954 by French author Anne Desclos under an alias, Pauline Reage.

Originally intended as a series of love letters – which in turns are a raunchy and revealing to her lover, the author assumed anonymity for forty years before revealing her identity. The novel offers real insight on the state of France in the 1940s, power, surrender and expectations of women in particular.

The Story of O is a wonderfully complex and intricate story, filled with allegory and symbolism but that is also uniquely so very readable.

Intriguing and profound, a book that will have you reflecting long after you’ve turned the last page.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books