Old Babes in the Wood by Margaret Atwood – Our Review


Our Review…

Old Babes in the Wood is a real treat for Margaret Atwood fans or a fabulous entry point for those unfamiliar with her work – like my husband, into whose hands I have just pressed this fabulous book.

You are in welcome Atwood territory here, as Margaret turns her piercing gaze to unravelling both the best and worst in people. The everyday runs alongside with the fantastical to create a stunning read.

Although it is an anthology of fifteen short stories, about half the pieces revolve around an aging married couple named Nell and Tig.

This collection has been regarded as one of the most personal of Margaret’s work, her partner writer Graeme Gibson died a few years ago,  and these stories warmly ring with a poignant and an authentic truth.

Bookended between the adorable Nell and Tig stories are a vivid mosaic of rich tales, My Evil Mother examines a complicated mother-daughter relationship in which the mother may or may not be a witch

Metempsychosis, about a snail who utterly dismayed to find it is reincarnated within the body of a mundane female bank teller. The Dead Interview, a dialogue via a medium with the mighty George Orwell.

At turns poignant and quirky, these brilliant and also very personal tales of loneliness, loss and ageing will touch you on many levels. One thing is for certain Margaret Atwood is a master of her craft, prepare to be entertained.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books