On the Java Ridge by Jock Serong- Our Review


Our Review…
Jock Serong sets up a frighteningly real political scenario where a perfect storm is gathering. It’s the week before the Australian federal election and Cassius Calvert, the debonair minister for Border Security, is congratulating himself on his new hardline refugee policy.

Hundreds of miles north the female skipper of the Java Ridge, Isi Natoli, is struggling to assert her authority over a group of disgruntled surfers.
Unknown to both parties further north again, young Hazara refugee, Roya, is nervously eyeing all the passengers on the Indonesian junk, the Takalar, as the heat, lack of space and water cause tensions between each ethnic group to reach tinder point.

Out at sea and in Australia, a physical and ethical storm is brewing. Wild and raw, worlds collide in the most brutal way imaginable in this tense political thriller, which will have you questioning everything you know or have read about Australia’s border security. Strap yourself in for a magnificent, compelling read as you care, feel and bleed for the characters and the ultimate dilemma that they face – the explosive end that will leave you reeling.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

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