One Another by Gail Jones – Our Review


Our Review…

Gail Jones is an outstanding Australian author, and her work is always an incredible artistic masterpiece. Her poetic prose is both profoundly painful and literary beauty. One Another is a soulful book of depth, filled with stories of complex people, difficult relationships, and great pain and grief.

Helen, a young Australian woman, is encompassed by the life of writing.  Working on a thesis, a work of literary brilliance alongside an anti-thesis, a fictional imagining of the life and works of Joseph Conrad at Cambridge.
Entirely consumed by her world, the story of Helen becomes immersed and intertwined with the historical author, as she emboldens an imaginative understanding of Conrad’s inner life and development.
All the while, living her life and navigating a romantic relationship with a fellow student, Justin, which soon becomes a toxic and dangerous web of a messy and volatile break up soon after.
The toll of breaking free, causing Helen to devastatingly leave her thesis behind.
In classic Gail Jones style, One Another is a literary sphere that will delight and disturb. A book that beckons you in and is fully immersive.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books