One By One They Disappear by Mike Lucas – Our Review


Our Review…

It’s 1940’s Germany and a frightening time if you’re a Jewish family in Stuttgart. Hiding in the basement of some neighbours with only a book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales to read, young Hannah never imagines that her life will also start to resemble a fairy tale. But when she assumes the life of Sophia and goes to live with her ‘aunt’ in the mountains, things that were already so strange get even stranger.

There’s the castle ahead that of course isn’t home to dragons, but there is definitely some evil lurking there. Then there’s the fog that descends over the village. When one of her new friends disappears, and she seems to be the only one who remembers he ever existed, Sophia/Hannah must act to solve the mystery and possibly save the village from evil.

Part historical fiction and part supernatural mystery, One by One They Disappear is a perfect thriller for readers aged 12+. It is slow to start, but necessarily so to give enough background into life in Germany under the Nazis. It beautifully balances that real-life horror with the spooky world of folktales and superstition, and tells a lovely story of courage and friendship along the way.

Review by Andi @ Great Escape Books