Orbital ‘Awe-inspiring’ Max Porter by Samantha Harvey – Our Review


Our Review…

English author Samantha Harvey’s fifth novel, Orbital is a beautifully written and thought-provoking reflection of Earth and our existence upon it.

Harvey’s novella centres on six astronauts from several countries residing on the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth. Driven by perceptions and meditation rather than a traditional plot, readers are immersed in the awe-inspiring experience of space travel and encouraged to reflect on the delicate balance of life on our planet. Harvey captures the contrasting sensations of connection and detachment experienced by astronauts as they complete daily 16 orbits of their home planet. Delving into the physical and psychological effects of space exploration, she prompts us to confront the fragility and wonder of human existence and raises questions about the future of space travel and our relationship to Earth.

Harvey’s lyrical descriptions of Earth offers readers a glimpse into the complexities of our world and the mysteries that lie beyond. A short but profound and beautifully written novel for readers who enjoy exploring existential ideas and life in space.

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books