Ordinary Gods and Monsters by Chris Womersley – Our Review


Our Review…

Award-winning Melbourne writer Chris Womersely’s latest book Ordinary Gods and Monsters is the kind of story that is hard to put down. It’s beautifully written, has wonderfully relatable characters and balances the angst of growing up, the gritty side of life and thrilling tension with a great sense of fun.

Seventeen-year-old Nick Wheatley is in that weird place where high school has finished but the rest of his life is yet to begin. While he waits, he and his rather odd sister and his getting-divorced Mum are preparing to move out of his childhood home. He’s sad about leaving – especially his next-door neighbour and best friend (and secret love) Marion, who has troubles of her own. Her father has been killed in a hit and run and somehow Nick gets dragged into trying to solve the case with her. The pair’s investigations lead them along a suburban trail of bikie gang members, drug dealers and an array of suspicious characters.

This cracking story is part tender coming-of-age tale and part edge-of-your-seat mystery. Set in 1980s Melbourne, it is told with a sense of nostalgia that brings to mind Stranger Things (without the scary monsters) or Stand by Me, and it also reminded me of Craig Silvey’s Jasper Jones. And that’s high praise indeed!

Review by Andi @ Great Escape Books