Ordinary Monsters: (The Talents Series – Book 1) by J M Miro – Our Review


Our Review…

Our Review

Prepare to be captivated by the haunting and entrancing world created by Miro in this adventure and suspense filled novel, Ordinary Monsters.

In a world permeating with magic, young children known as ‘talents’ live ostracised from society due to their strange and unnerving hidden abilities. Hidden amongst the moors of Edinburgh resides Carindale Institute; a refuge and school to many of these talents. Recruited by the mysterious Institute, a determined private detective finds herself on a perilous race to rescue two children who are being hunted by a sinister man made of darkness itself. As the worlds of the living and the dead threaten to collide, we join this diverse and excellently written cast of characters, on their journeys of confrontation, heart break and discovery.

Miro immerses readers in an atmospheric, and page turning journey filled with adrenaline pumping action scenes, mystery, and friendship. I am very excited to see what Miro has in store for the remainder of this fabulous trilogy.

Review by Jess @ Great Escape Books