Ottilie Colter and the Narroway Hunt Volume 1 By: Rhiannon Williams – Our Review


Our Review…

Look no further if you are seeking a to tumble into a thrilling new world with a rollicking band of heroes (and heroines) who possess all the right ingredients of courage, loyalty and humour to battle the mysterious monsters that threaten the realm.

Ottilie and her beloved 11-year-old brother Gully know a thing or two about hardship and survival. They live in the damp caves of the Swamp Hollows and depend heavily on each other and their cleverness for survival. When Gully inexplicably disappears one morning Ottilie goes on an increasingly desperate search for him, following his tracks deep woods where she finds a strange halfling creature, Bob who aids her in her quest to find who has kidnapped him.

Her brother Gully is everything to Ottilie and when she realises that there is no way to quickly release him, she doesn’t hesitate to hack off her hair disguising herself as a boy.  Smuggling herself into a prisoner train, she travels deep into the Narroway, a place that is the last bastion against the ‘dredretches’ – the terrifying creatures who threaten the kingdom, whom she soon discovers she will be training to learn how to fight.

Luckily for Ottilie she discovers she has a mean skill with a bow and arrow and as she struggles to hide that she is the only girl in the Keep both her (and her brother Gully) question why there is a gender divide between what boys and girls are capable of achieving.

The first in a 3-part trilogy, look no further Ottilie Colter and the Narroway Hunt if you are seeking a cracking book to read that is in the tradition of Nevermore or Harry Potter.

Great for ages 9-10 plus.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books