Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng


Our Review…

Author of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ this clever, sensitive writer gives us a glimpse into a dystopian future showcasing the worst of human nature and the story that repeats itself with almost every generation, suspicion, fear, control and division. Bird lives with his father in Harvard’s library, a token job offered to him when his unsuitable wife, Chinese, went missing, accused of non American values. The country is floundering and China is to blame, the Asian community having to prove their loyalty even 3rd generation. Children are taken from unsuitable homes to be raised as good citizens, heartbroken parents struggling to trace them. Bird takes off on his own to find his mother using a secret underground in libraries, only to discover that she is a freedom fighter working to find the missing hearts and is using knowledge to let citizens know what is happening to the country. It rings true with Australia, Native Americans and almost every country on earth, such an amazing storyteller, keeping the pace going, loved it.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books