Outlawed by Anna North – Our Review


Our Review…

Outlawed is a great fun reimagining of Wild West history. Set in the mid 1850’s the ‘great flu’ pandemic has wiped out 9/10’s of the population. Those who survived have turned strongly to religion as the answer to their prayers, while weaving into their biblical narrative a superstitious belief in witchcraft for all the worlds ills.

Seventeen-year-old Ada, the daughter of the town’s midwife, is looking forward to her marriage to a handsome local boy and continuing the prized tradition of midwifery under the tutorage of her mother. Her world starts to unravel when she finds she is ‘barren’.

Accused by the Sherriff of witchcraft when her best friend suffers a miscarriage, and in fear for not only her life but those of her sisters and mother, Ada flees.

Here Outlawed becomes a lot of fun, as Anna North revisits the legend of Butch Cassidy and weaves his hideout – ‘The Hole in the Wall’ into a legendary story of justice and redemption. She also skillfully weaves modern-day narratives of gender and race into her rollicking tale. Highly enjoyable, this revisionist tale of history makes a great weekend read to curl up with.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books