PAPA GOOSE One year, seven goslings and the flight of my life by Michael Quetting- Our Review


Our Review…This book surprised me. I hadn’t expected something so joyful and entertaining. It succeeds because of the author’s eccentricity, imagination and ability to give himself up completely to the love of seven goslings.
Michael Quetting, a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, is asked to raise and train seven Greylag geese. His hope is to be able to combine his love of flying with his love of birds. When the geese are fully grown, they will be released with with tiny recorders to gather data about flight, bird migrations, and air currents.
If, like me, you feel wary about anthropomorphic writing, imprinting, or the training of wild birds for scientific use, you may think this book is not for you. If so, you’d miss out on a very funny, joyous, tender and interesting read.
Quetting, an ultralight pilot, wants to train the goslings to fly with him but soon discovers that he’s the one doing the learning. Totally besotted with his seven charges, he gives them all names and completely shares his life with them for several months in a trailer and aviaries until they are grown. His observations about their behaviour – and his!- are what make this book such a delight.
Review by Andrea @ Great Escape Books