Party Animals by Samantha Maiden


The Labor Party was the unbeatable favourite to win the 2019 election right up until the polls closed and voters delivered the shock verdict.

If the results surprised pundits, they also shocked Bill Shorten and his frontbench who had spent the final weeks of the campaign carefully planning for their first days in office. The cast of villains to blame was long- billionaire Clive Palmer’s grotesque $60 million spend-a-thon, the death tax scare campaign, Bill Shorten’s unpopularity, the Murdoch tabloids and Labor’s tax-and-spend policy agenda that included a crackdown on franking credits that was too hard to explain but too easy for the Liberals to demonise.

How did the Labor Party lose the unloseable election? Party Animals uncovers the secret history of a Labor fiasco, the untold story behind Scott Morrison’s miracle.