Penny Wong: Passion and Principle by Margaret Simons- Our Review


Our Review:

Penny Wong is a formidable woman, a notable politician, and an inspiring Australian. Wong has had an outstanding political career, and has risen the ranks with her passion, perseverance and sheer grit.

In this first ever biography of Penny Wong, the award winning journalist Margaret Simons has created an extraordinary book. A snapshot into the intensely private Penny Wong through a series of interviews with Wong and those around her.

The book, has a remarkable balance of snapshots of from both personal and public life.

From her early life in Malaysia, through to her early political passions at university, all the way through the political policies, and portfolios of many years in office.
To navigating family struggles and grief, relationships, children, racism and public views on one’s sexuality.

This book is inspiring and challenging, a curiously delightful glimpse into the enigma that is Penny Wong.
Review by Lydia