Piglet by Lottie Hazell – Our Review


Our Review…

Piglet is the story of a woman in the lead up to her wedding but it is so much more that that. It is a story of a young woman, still referred to by her family by her mortifying childhood nickname. Piglet is desperate to impress with Hazell deftly building tension throughout with simmering female rage coming to the boil as the protagonist endeavours to balance her complicated relationships, with her fiancé, her family, her friends, food and, herself.

For lovers of cooking, the cooking scenes reminded me of watching Nigella in the kitchen. Hazell’s culinary descriptions were mouth-wateringly enthralling, ultimately functioning as an allegory for the novel; who we provide for and what “feeds” our souls.

The cast of characters is (at times, painfully) familiar, as is the juggle between others’ expectations of us and finding what ultimately makes us happy. An utterly absorbing and ultimately triumphant and heart-warming novel.

Review by Katina @ Great Escape Books

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