Prima Facie by Suzie Miller – Our Review


Our Review…

Adapted from Suzie Miller’s one-woman play, Prima Facie is a story that will resonate with countless women. A profoundly relevant novel that delves into the issue of sexual assault and exposes the legal system’s shortcomings in serving victim survivors.

The story revolves around Tessa, a dedicated and talented criminal defence barrister with a deep love for the law and an unwavering faith in what she considers a fair and just legal system. However, Tessa’s reality is challenged when she becomes the victim of a violent sexual crime. Now, forced to place her trust in the very system she once held in high regard, her beliefs are put to the test.

Prima Facie unveils the realities of broken systems, privilege, and power. A novel that is likely to evoke powerful emotions, including anger, sadness, and outrage, in many readers. Nevertheless, Miller excels in delivering a narrative that is both starkly confronting and remarkably readable, making it an absolute must-read for those who are prepared for its challenging content.

Review by Phoebe @ Great Escape Books