Prophet Song by Paul Lynch Booker Winner 2023 – Our Review


Our Review…

Be haunted by this intense novel of a very near possible future. On a quiet rainy evening Eilish Stack, mother of four, wife to a trade unionist, answers the door to two of the newly formed Irish GNSB Guardia police. They look like ordinary men.

They ask her husband Larry to come down to the station later to answer some routine questions, which he does and returns home a bit grumbly.

Little does he know this will spiral into a chain of events that will lead Eilish fighting to the very edge of her sanity for her families lives.

This is a novel that will leave you gasping. Utterly magnificent, it brings to visceral life the very tangible reality of our times where being a refugee is a real thing. Read it and be awed.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

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