Ragdoll by Daniel Cole


Our Review…
There is never a dull moment in this clever, intricate plot full of of great characters, lots of unexpected death scenes and enough twists to satisfy most. It is gory, but with lots of dark humour and witty dialogue thrown into the mix – that had me laughing out loud.
This is a stunning debut novel by Daniel Cole and once I started reading this crime thriller, I knew I was not putting it down until the end. Ragdoll is a classic cop vs serial killer novel and one of the best I have read. The pace is electric and gripping and with some pretty dark, scary and gory scenes throughout the well thought out plot, this novel is not for the squeamish.
We meet William Fawkes, aka 'The Wolf' as he is just being reinstated to his police job following a suspension. He and his partner are called to a crime scene where a body has been found that is made up of the dismembered limbs of six victims, all sewn together like a grotesque puppet. Fawkes must identify the six victims – but then things get even more complicated when the killer releases a “hit list” of six names and the dates on which they will die. The last name on the list is Fawkes himself.
I was holding my breath reading the last chapters.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I am eagerly anticipating Daniel Cole’s next book in this series.
Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books

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