Rainfish by Andrew Paterson – Our Review


Our Review…

In a small town on the edge of the rainforest in Far North Queensland, young Aaron lives with his Mum and older brother. The two boys have a tumultuous sibling relationship, and Aaron hates being the baby brother and missing out on all the fun things the older boys can do.

So, when Aaron meets Damon, he is desperate for a friend and is ecstatic at the sense of belonging he finds. But when, Damon suggests that they break into the local church, Aaron is stuck. He can’t say no and lose the fun and acceptance that he has begun to enjoy.

The break in goes off without a hitch, but shortly afterwards the local newspaper begins looking for answers and the local police start door knocking looking for the culprits.

Aaron is afraid, alone, confused and soon stuck in the unfolding lies and deception. His guilt is eating him up inside.

The final straw is when Aaron becomes convinced that the mud cod, he caught in the forest have brought about the torrential rains and floods that are threatening to destroy the town, and it is all his fault.

A special novel about the struggles of being liked, of navigating life as a young teen and about growing up. Perfect for age 11 plus.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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