Remembering Bob by Sue Pieters-Hawke- Our Review


Our Review:

When Bob Hawke died in May 2019, his death was felt deeply; young and old mourned his loss as an iconic figure in Australian politics and history.

Rather than pen a regular biography, Sue Pieters-Hawke, his eldest daughter, has compiled a tribute to her late father in this special book ‘Remembering Bob’.

Filled with tales, memories, funny recollections and moments shared, the book is a magnificent collection of reflections.

With contributions from people of all walks of life; from family members, to friends, political allies and foes to neighbourhood friends. From the prestigious to the ordinary Australian, the book is a telling of stories by many of those Bob Hawke had an impact on.

A fitting ode to Bob Hawke, Australia’s most lovable larrikin. A feel good book that broadens the mind to understand more of the man behind the personality.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books