Repentance by Alison Gibbs – Our Review


Our Review…

Repentance is a country town right on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, and in 1976 the community is changing and growing.
The landscape is a dividing point between the old and the new members of the town. Some families have been around for generations, who have a way of life that includes logging the forest and it’s in their blood.

While new to town are the hippies, with bleeding hearts for the breathtaking landscape and the age old trees they are desperate to save them from being cut down.

Straddling both worlds, Joanne Parmenter is just 13, with her Mum dying of cancer in the back rooms of the General Store her family owns, she is drawn to the hippie crowd for solace.

A story of grief, of community, of family and finding your way amongst it all. Repentance is a beautiful poetic novel, richly laced in the sweeping landscape, it is perfect for readers who love books set in the countryside.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books