River of Salt by Dave Warner – Our Review


Our Review:
Opening in 1961, brothers Jimmy and Blake caught up in Philadelphia in the dangerous criminal world of extortion, murder and standover tactics that ultimately ends badly, very badly for Jimmy.
Blake is forced to make the hardest decision of his life if he doesn’t want to end up like his brother. He sweeps across the world to Coral Cove to start a new life in Australia and keep clear of dangerous elements, only to learn the same rackets and standovers are here also. With hard work he is able to set up the Surf Shack and play music, surf and try to stay clear of the law.
Then a young girl is murdered. Blake is reluctantly is swept up into the investigation in order to maintain his new found peace. River of Salt reveals the ugly underbelly of small town attitude but highlights the very best aspects of it as well.
I loved this fast-paced, exciting story and will definitely read his previous books.
Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books

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