Rules For Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson


Our Review…
For those who prefer clever over gritty or bleak crime fiction, this is the perfect book.
Malcolm Kershaw is the owner of Old Devils bookshop in Boston, a bookshop that specializes in mystery books, particularly crime mystery. To support online sales Malcolm had started a blog that he infrequently updated. Sometime previously he had posted an article titled “My Eight Favourite Murders,” where he talks about this eight favourite murder books of all time.
He is bemused when he is contacted by an FBI agent that believes there is a serial killer copying the plots of each of his favorite books to kill his victims.
The plot twists and twists as each character in the book has their flaws, secrets and tangled histories revealed including Malcolm himself, who turns out to be very much more than your average bookseller.
Peter Swanson does a remarkable job at keeping the reader engaged and trying to guess the outcome in this very enjoyable page turner. Highly recommend if you like a classic whodunnit without too much cringe.
Review by Marty Maher – Friend of Great Escape Books