Running On The Roof Of The World by Jess Butterworth


Our Review…
Tash lives in Tibet, which has been under Chinese occupation since 1950. Chinese soldiers are a constant feature of her life where any act of rebellion can result in you being taken away by the soldiers, never to be seen again. Tash’s father belongs to a secret resistance cell that tries to get information out to the wider world through secret codes. But it’s dangerous. With her parents suddenly taken away by the soldiers after a protest, Tash and her friend Sam must try to make the dangerous journey (with two faithful yaks) over the Himalayas and escape to India, where they can ask the Dalai Lama for help…
This is one of those stories that gives its young readers an honest understanding of some of the awful things that go on in the world, but within the story there is survival and hope and it isn’t a depressing or distressing experience.
One of the inspiring messages that is strongly portrayed was, no matter how small or big you are, you can always make a difference. It is a simply and beautifully told story with all the sights and spiritualism of Tibet.

Suitable Ages 10+