Salt and Skin by Eliza Henry-Jones – Our Review


Our Review…

Be utterly transported by this haunting novel set in the wild craggy isles of northern Scotland. Young Australian photographer Luda Managan and her two teenage children flee the crippling rural drought and a family tragedy to make hopefully a new beginning in Scotland. Yet here they all feel utterly outcast, alone and adrift until they come upon another foundling …Theo, the selkie, the strange boy from the sea. They meet women who may be witches and see signs of magical symbols around doorways protecting the town from harm. Everywhere they come across stories, long buried, of the unexpected ways past traumas rise unbidden to the surface.

Salt and Skin is a remarkable novel, delicate and beautiful, there were parts where I quietly wept at the small tragedies and injustices that were inflicted upon women and those who failed to fit into societal moulds. Yet it is also a powerful and uplifting novel, full of hope and wonder.

One of the great reads of 2022. Wonderful.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books