Salt River Road by Molly Schmidt – Our Review


Our Review…

This outstanding novel by Molly Schmidt is a wonderful coming of age story that is a compelling and powerful read.
Set in the late 1970s, in a small town, in Western Australia and explores, grief, tragedy and the family dynamics after a terrible loss.
The Tetley family are thrust into a messy and heavy world of loss, when their mother passes away from cancer.
The book focuses on the personal aftermath of each of the five siblings and their father, who are spanning from ages grade schooler to early 20s. Each experiencing their own pain very differently, and we are taken throughout the unscrambling of each of their lives.
Overladen to this story sits the story of Rose, one of the sibling’s as she meets traditional Noongar elders Patsy and Herbert as they envelope her into a world of community, culture, and presence.
A truly worthy storytelling experience of blossoming and healing amidst the injustice and heartbreak. Speckled throughout the novel are gems of poetic pain which create a multidimensional masterpiece.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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