Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save The World by Tyson Yunkaporta- Our Review


Longlisted for the ABIA Small Publishers’ Adult Book of the Year 2020
Shortlisted for INDIE book awards 2020

Our Review:
‘Sand Talk’ is a unique book, a collection of philosophical musing by Indigenous author Tyson Yunkaporta, that both delights and intrigues.

Using the Aboriginal custom of drawing images on the ground to bring clarity of thought, the author uses patterns, symbols and shapes to make sense of the world.

An extraordinary glimpse into the profound wisdom and gift of Indigenous culture and perspective, an essential read to broaden the mind.

‘Sand Talk’ explores global systems from an Indigenous perspective, questioning how it could challenge our worldview and provide a real and tangible wisdom to the way we live and interact with one another and our landscape.

A fascinating book, quite unlike anything else.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books