Sargasso by Kathy George – Our Review


Our Review…

A dark, disturbing and brooding story unfolds in the pages of Sargasso by Kathy George.
Hannah grew up at the home they called “Sargasso” which sits atop a cliff overlooking the treacherous sea in an isolated area of town.

Intriguing and intricately designed by her father, a brilliant architect the home was the haven for an often lonely Hannah as a child, who longed for only the company of the mysterious Flint.

Now as an adult, Hannah returns to the infamous home which she recently inherited from her grandmother. As she sets about renovating the home with her boyfriend Tristan coming to join her each weekend. Hannah is once again quickly mesmerised by the enigmatic Flint who appears again once more to keep her company.

But just as it did when they were children, Flint’s control and possessiveness of Hannah comes to an alarming depth and Hannah begins to lose track of what is truth and what is fantasy once more.

Fascinating and intriguing.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books