Saving Bunji by Brinkley Davies (hardcover)


A stunningly photographed memoir for anyone with even a passing interest in the fate of our wildlife and environment.

‘Inspiring and powerful… Brinkley is a force of nature.’ – Ellidy Pullin, author of Heartstrong

In 2016, Brinkley Davies was in a car that hit a mother kangaroo. She was determined to rear the surviving joey and named her ‘Bunji’. Although Brinkley didn’t know it at the time, Bunji would become a life-long friend and spark a fire in her to do better for Australia’s wildlife, leading Brinkley to eventually set up her own conservation foundation and start campaigning for the rights of animals everywhere.

Including stunning photographs taken by Brinkley herself, charting the growth of Bunji and their incredible bond, as well as the wild and beautiful environments she found herself in through the course of her work as an eco-warrior, Saving Bunji tells the inspiring story of one woman’s quest to do better for the planet, and to live a life in tune with nature.

Written by eco-warrior Brinkley Davies (230k+ on Instagram, 20k+ Youtube), Founder of the Balu Blue Foundation, Saving Bunji will be beloved by fans of Penguin Bloom and the activism of Greta Thunberg.