Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twin (Book #1) by Sophie Cleverley


'Scarlet and Ivy The Lost Twin' book series by Sophie R Cleverly
Ava's Review…
'When Ivy’s twin sister Scarlet goes missing, Ivy does not know what to do. The thing is they are nothing alike… but when Ivy finds out she must replace Scarlet at her old school she gets very suspicious. Ivy has heard of Scarlet’s old school but she thought she would never have to go there or especially attend there. But why is Ivy so scared of going to a boarding school? Well it’s got frightening teachers and it’s a creepy old building. And there aren’t many people you can trust… with a friend and enemies, Ivy will find true friendship, teamwork and pages from Scarlet’s diary which will help her find her lost twin.
As I was reading my hand was trembling… if you love mysteries then 'Scarlet and Ivy the Lost Twin' is a great book for you'.
Review by Ava, Anglesea.