2022 Longlisted Indie Awards- Scary Monsters by Michelle de Kretser – Our Review


Our Review…

Scary Monsters by Michelle De Krester is no ordinary book. It has two front covers and tells two stories, Lili and Lyle.

You are likely to spend a good chunk of time just trying to decide which cover to start with, if you’re like me… but in the end, the best way to choose is to just follow your instincts because there is no right or wrong way to read the book.

The Lili story is set in the recent past, in the early 1980s while Lili is living in France after having migrated to Australia from Asia as a child. At 22, Lili is on a search for her own identity and place in the world while living life as immigrant in a foreign country. In Lili we see the bright-eyed wonder of the world, contrasted with the often-disappointing reality.

While Lyle is a middle aged man in Sydney, who works for a non descript government department and is set in future reality. Although, the future is a bit too close to our current reality and that only adds to the book. The story of Lyle is filled with brilliant satire, and brings a darker tone than that of Lili.

Michelle De Krester uses her writing to bring to the attention of readers issues that are stark and uncomfortable and that’s what makes her books absolutely fantastic. Scary Monsters is no exception, and it tears open some of our modern day issues, such as misogyny, ageism and racism in a way that is engaging and absolutely brilliant.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books