Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel – Our Review


Many will know of Emily St. John Mantel from her award-winning novel Station Eleven. While written in pre-pandemic times, Station Eleven is nevertheless an eerily wondrous novel of the powerful twin bonds of fear and friendship in shaping a world brought to its knees by an unseen air-born virus.

Sea of Tranquility is a similarly haunting novel, which questions what human qualities are most important or relevant in a good life.

Set over three distinct time periods, 1912 Canada, 2023 New York and then two centuries later on a lunar colony.

Ostentatiously, this is a time-slip novel, where one character faces an enormous ethical dilemma when he’s tasked with trying to right an error in time. While this sounds like a sci-fi novel, it is also a great work of literary fiction, as Emily St. John Mantel explores with a deft touch what makes a meaningful and value-laden life. A wonderful, nourishing read.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books