Seven Days by Fleur Ferris – Our Review


Our Review…

Your teens will love this unique action-packed adventure novel. Ben has been packed off to his country cousins for his school holiday. He is so disgruntled that he sets his watch to count down how much time he has to bare with his athletic cousin Josh and overtly upbeat uncle. Only his aunt, a Parks Ranger, is bearable. Helping Josh pack up some old boxes, he stumbles across his great grandfathers century old diary and a very real current day mystery involving a family blood feud, an ancient murder and a buried treasure. Suddenly the past becomes very real.

Seven Days is a fabulous adventure with lots of ethical twists as Ben and Josh struggle to make up for the ongoing effects of wrong-doing of the past, so that life can be bearable in the current day. Great for readers 10 year and up.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books