The Grisha: Shadow and Bone (Book 1) by Leigh Bardugo – Our Review


Our Review…

Alina Starkov is a mapmaker in the Ravkan army, a country divided and threatened by an ancient darkness plauged by fear and monstorous creatures.

When Alina and her regiment embark on a perilous crossing and are faced with certain death, Alina’s powers are awoken. Proclaimed Ravka’s saviour, Alina is swept away to the royal palace to train with the countries elite and tame her powerful abilities under the tutelage of the enigmatic and powerful leader.

As Alina begins to discover more sinister motives may be involved her allegiances are tested and secrets exposed.

An enthralling introduction to Bardugo’s fantasy world the ‘Grishaverse’ and the first book in the Shadow and Bone trilogy. Rich world building, an immersive plot and an irresistible cast of characters makes this an outstanding fantasy novel.

Review by Phoebe & Jess @ Great Escape Books