She I Dare Not Name by Donna Ward – Our Review


Our Review:
‘She I Dare Not Name’ is Donna Ward’s book, that she has called, a ‘Spinsters Meditations on Life’

This book is just brilliant, Donna has written an incredibly authentic reflection on her life, a life that has bucked all the societal expectations placed upon women in particular… a life that has been lived without a partner or children.

Donna so intelligently and movingly muses over the reality of living a life that one did not dream of, and how she has journeyed to a place of deep contentment and self discovery.

The book so wisely explores the prejudice and discrimination against uncoupled lives and lives without children, and how as an individual and a society we can change to move toward greater equality.

I was so excited to read this book just based on the topic, I had no idea of the way the author would capture me through incredible writing, her wit and vulnerability. A book that has left me confronted, and with much to think about.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books