Shepherd by Catherine Jinks – Our Review


Our Review…
Tom Clay, only 14 years old, has survived on his wits and intuition all his short life. Transported for poaching from his native home of Suffolk, he is now a shepherd in remote highland country of colonial New South Wales. Seeking to carve out a new life, he works hard, speaks rarely and avoids the menacing world of men. Resilient, all he needs is the company of his trusting sheep and his beloved dog Gyp.
But these are perilous times and even in the mountains alone with the sheep he needs to be on guard, because a hard man, a dangerous man, a man who should have stayed dead is coming for him.
Breathtaking in its intensity, you will come to love Tom and his faithful companion Gyp, as this dark and brooding novel brings to life the courage and nerve it takes to survive in the lawless days of early New South Wales. This is an utterly magnificent read – it’s power and intensity will continue to resonate with you after you have turned the last page.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books