Shrines of Gaiety: From the global No.1 bestselling author of Life After Life by Kate Atkinson – Our Review


Our Review…

It’s 1926 London, just eight years after the end of the Great War. Everyone from well-heeled returned servicemen, to actors to minor royalty who want nothing more than to escape for a few hours into one of Nellie Coker’s marvellous jazz nightclubs. Her clubs are wild, intoxicating and glamorous.

Nellie rules the nightclubs with her five adult children, all portrayed Peaky blinders style and pays of the local policeman, who warn her whenever there is a raid over a liquor licence or other infringement. It all seems rather harmless, money comes in and everyone enjoys themselves. That is until young girls who act as dancers start disappearing and end up floating in the Thames days later.

Kate Atkinson vividly conjures a post-Great War London that you can smell, visualise and almost taste. This is a sensory novel, teeming with life, color and sound. It is utterly wonderful and will transport you back to an era never to be seen again, truly brilliant, well worth the read! Loved it.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books