Sidelines by Karen Viggers – Signed Editions – Our Review


Our Review…

Your heart is racing as an ambulance pulls up onto an oval one Saturday morning to attend a mixed boys and girls soccer match, the teenager has sustained significant injuries. The paramedics look to each other perplexed, this looks more like a bar room brawl than an under 14 soccer match, how could it have happened and who has sustained the injury?

Karen Viggers,  best-selling author of now five novels  and also and Australian wildlife and domestic animal veterinarian was also a dedicated soccer mum.

A psychological drama, this novel works on many levels. Viggers opens Sidelines nine months before the accident, building the tension, from ball hogging to bullying between peers to recreating the insidious way coaches and obsessive parents support and or pressure children and at times unconsciously ruining their children’s their love of the game.

Based in Sydney, the novel is crafted from five points of view, challenging my judgment and shining a spotlight on the ethical dilemmas that would have faced players in similar situations.

Sidelines is a riveting novel. Intense, relevant and finely crafted, it makes for compulsive reading.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books