Sisters under the Rising Sun by Heather Morris


Our Review…

Heather Morris brings to life the little-known stories, and in her new novel, ‘Sisters Under the Rising Sun she tells the captivating story of a group of young women in World War II.
Norah Chambers says goodbye to her eight-year-old daughter, as she places her on a ship to flee the Japanese army systematically working their way through the Pacific. An incredible musician, Norah has no idea just how much comfort her musical gifts will bring to those around her in the coming tumultuous years.
While nurse Nesta James has enlisted to tend for the countless troops impacted by the war.
Both women, find themselves on an isolated island with other nurse’s and survivors off the coast of Indonesia, under the control of the Japanese army.
Together, the women band together with others to create a strong and fierce sisterhood that carry one another through the unimaginable and rarely spoken of part of history.
A heartbreaking historical fiction account that reminds us that where there is loss there is always love. An ode to the strength and resilience of those that have gone before us. My favourite so far of Heather Morris’s work, I was entirely captivated by this story.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books