Six of Crows Book #1 by Leigh Bardugo


Our Review…

Six of Crows is young adult fantasy at its best. A unique plot line, supported by rich world building and character’s that you will fall in love with, make this book hard to put down.

In Ketterdam – a city of trade and crime – notorious thief Kaz Brekker is proposed a job that offers enormous riches. To embark on the heist Kaz must configure a team with the unique skills required for an impossible job. A thief, a gambler, a woman with magical powers, an heir to a fortune, a moralist and a spy; these six distinctly different personalities must overcome their differences in order to succeed.

An underdog story of found family, impossible odds and complex magic, Six of Crows is an amazing read for young adults and adults alike. The perfect read in anticipation for Netflix’s adaptation of the Grishaverse stories or anyone looking to dabble in a quality fantasy read.

Review by Phoebe @ Great Escape Books