Small Fry by Lisa Brennan Jobs- Our Review


Our Review…
Lisa Brennan Jobs is the daughter of famous parents Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan. Lisa’s memoir is a journey of finding her identity and looking back through her life to make sense of the good and the uncomfortable.

Throughout, we can relate to Lisa’s longing for love, affirmation and affection from her parents. Steve is often distant and distracted, unable to give his daughter his undivided attention.

While Chrisann struggles as a single parent just to make ends meet, the burden of meeting Lisa’s every need is a heavy one.
Lisa speaks openly of what life was like as Steve Jobs’ daughter, of the private side that the media often overlooks.

Lisa is a strong and resilient woman who has come to find inner strength through adversity. Much of her upbringing spent alone, moving between her parents and numerous schools.

Lisa’s memoir, is authentic and transparent. Challenging us to look back on our upbringing, to discover what gave us life and what we lacked. From a child’s perspective we are reminded that the greatest gift a parent can give is their time and love.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books