Snake Island by Ben Hobson – Our Review


Our Review…’Snake Island’ is a gritty, devastatingly raw story of human brokenness and complexity.

Vernon and Penelope Moore have abandoned their adult son Caleb, disowning him after he is imprisoned for domestic violence. They never want to see Caleb again, such is their fury, shame, disappointment and grief.
Yet when Vernon hears that Caleb is being systemically savaged in prison by a fellow prisoner from a powerful crime family, Vernon can’t stop thinking about his only son.

Vernon sets out to settle things the civilised way, only to find himself in an all at war. Masculinity and toxic corruption, drugs, control and violence ensue with heartbreak and devastation for all involved. This book is one that stays with you, one that you will be mulling over for weeks to come. So real are the characters that you have entered their world and need to find your way home.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books